Eco-responsible actor

Eco-gesture for waste

What we do:
We sort our waste:

Domestic waste: bins for this purpose behind the hotel.
Boxes: container for this purpose behind the hotel.
Glasses: collectors for this purpose behind the hotel
Plastic and cartons of milk/cream: collectors for this purpose behind the hotel.
Used batteries and bulbs: recycling site at the recycling centre.
Ink cartridges: use of reusable cartridges.

How can you help us?

– By giving us your used batteries if you change them during your stay
– By giving us your cardboard or plastic packaging if you make purchases
– By giving us your empty bottles

Eco-gesture to save water

What we do:

– We have adapted the main points:
– Installation of water-saving flushes and aerators on the taps.

How can you help us?
– By turning off the water when soaping during the shower, and when brushing your teeth. Prefer the shower to the bath. The water distributed comes from boreholes on the island and the recovery of treated rainwater. A more rational use is all the more important on our island.
– By closing the taps when you have finished washing.
– By keeping your towels during your stay.
– By giving priority to rinsing off sand and sea water only once a day.

Eco-gesture for energy saving

What we do:

We have made changes for 3 years:
– Installation of timers in all corridors.
– 12 bathrooms equipped with LED lights.
– Change of lamps in the bar and patio to LED lights.
– The rest of the bulbs used are energy saving halogen type.
– The replacement of electrical work appliances is based on “Ever Green” technology in accordance with the legislation in force: kitchen and lingerie: concerns ¾ of our equipment.
– The hours of service are adapted to the activity to avoid unjustified overconsumption.
– We have just carried out the insulation from the outside on 2 facades of the building. The other 2 facades will be done next year.
– TVs are turned off and unplugged between stays

How you can help us:

– By turning off the lights when you leave the room, the toilets, the bathroom.
– By turning off and unplugging the TV when you are no longer using it.
– Do not leave your devices (computer, laptop, etc.) on at night.
– By turning off the radiators when you air the room.

Eco-gesture for the environment

What we do:

– We use cleaning products that comply with the legislation in force, eco-responsible: Green Care, L’Arbre Vert for example.
– We avoid unnecessary printing: reservations are printed only upon final confirmation,
– Fax mailing sheets are reused,
– Invoices are now sent by email
– The payment of supplier invoices and salaries is made by bank transfer: (less paper, less transport).