Hotel la Sirene in Houat

How to come?
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The crossing is 45 minutes on a ship recently chartered by the General Council of Morbihan. Morbihan which means “Little sea” in Breton. Boarding takes place at Port Maria in Quiberon, 1/2 hour before departure. It is nevertheless strongly advised, during the high season and during the big weekends, to arrive much earlier. The connection serves: Quiberon-Houat-Hoedic. Houat being a stopover, and Hoedic the home port of the Vessel (except July and August when the Vessel sleeps in Quiberon).
Arriving in Houat,the hotel is located 5 minutes from the port, on the way to the town center.

Maritime connections

Access to the Ile de Houat can be done with one of the 4 shipping companies.

Compagnie Océane

From Quiberon

Compagnie Océane

Téléphone : 0820 056 156

compagnie Navix

From Vannes, Port-Navalo, Locmariaquer, La Turballe and Le Croisic

Compagnie Navix
Téléphone : 02 97 46 60 00

From Locmariaquer or Port Navalo

Vedettes Angélus
Téléphone : 02 97 57 30 29

vedette du Golfe

From Vannes, Port-Navalo

Vedette du Golfe
Téléphone : 02 97 44 44 40

compagnie du Golfe

From Vannes, Port-Navalo, le Palais

Compagnie du Golfe
Téléphone : 02 97 67 10 00

cazeneuve maxi catamaran

Golfe du Morbihan, Baie du Quiberon

Cazeneuve maxi catamaran
Téléphone :

taxi Bateau

From Belle-île, Houat, Houedic, Quiberon, La Trinity, Le Crouesty

Taxi bateau-Escapade marine
Téléphone : 06 48 49 94 69

Luggage service


For passenger transport, the municipal bus parks nearby and can take you to the hotel.

For more information,
contact Houat town hall on 02 97 30 68 04.

Parking in Quiberon


01 – Island Parking

1100 seats | Avenue du General De Gaulle – At the entrance to Quiberon
Such. 02 97 30 59 45 –

October 1, 2018 to end of March 2019
The car park is free and unrestricted. It is free but unsupervised. 10 crossings per day of the BreizhGo bus at the Saint-Julien stop 100m away on avenue du Général De Gaulle

March 30 to September 30, 2019
No reservation. The car park is open from 6:45 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. It is chargeable and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Fenced and guarded, the Semaphore car park watches over your vehicle during your visits or excursions to the islands. A free shuttle drops you off at the Port Maria ferry terminal and picks you up on your return. The frequency of shuttles to the ferry terminal is every 10 to 20 minutes; it is accessible on presentation of your ticket. Payment is made when you pick up your vehicle. The car park does not take reservations.


02 – Parking de Kerné

300 places | Route de Kerniscob
Tél. 06 86 62 69 18 –

Reservations recommended.
Free shuttles to the pier for the islands.
Wintering boats, caravans, etc…
Open from March 12 to November 4, 2018.


03 – Parking Sizorn

80 places | 36 rue de Port Maria
Tél. 02 97 50 06 71 –

Open from March 29 to the end of September, during the All Saints holidays and during the Christmas holidays.
Car park located 200m from Quiberon Maritime Station.


04 – Parking de la Mer

70 places | Hôtel de la Mer – 8 quai de Houat
Tél. 02 97 50 09 05 –

Open all year.
When the hotel is closed from November 11 to the end of March, access to the car park is by telephone appointment.

Locate us


Hôtel La Sirène ***

Hotel on the island of Houat, 3 stars, with sea view
Route du Port
56170 Île-d’Houat

06 01 27 19 40

From 90 €
Latitude: 47.390416
Longitude: -2.958737