La Sirène restaurant in Houat

The Restaurant is open in the evening in July and August exclusively
Orders are taken from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., by reservation.

Currently, and out of season, catering is done in the form of suggestions on Ardoise, more or less extensive depending on the number of visitors.
The menus present are those of the past season as an indication and will be changed for the next season.
Before and after season the restaurant can be privatized from 15 people.
Payments by credit card are accepted from €17.00.
Terrace supplement: €0.35/cover.

In order to adapt as best we can and offer you a quality stay, you can let us know right now if you need special attention in terms of food: allergen type: allergic to lactose, allergic to sulphites, allergic to gluten, allergic to seafood, or any other motivation, food type: vegetarian, vegan, vegan


  • Choice of starters

      6 Cupped oysters from the Gulf N°2 Or Semi-cooked Foie Gras with Pineau des Charentes, stewed onions and grapes warm brioche head Or Label Rouge country terrine and its condiments Or Duo of Albacore Red Tuna and Swordfish, Marinated Minutes Or Chef's suggestion of the day  

    Choice of dishes

      Pork Tenderloin, Norman Sauce, Home fries and green salad Or Sauerkraut from the sea, mustard seed sauce Or Scallops Fished in Brittany secret of our Chef Or 1 crab or spider crab, caught in Houat, homemade mayonnaise Or Chef's suggestion of the day  

    Trilogy of cheese on salad


    Choice of Dessert

  • Choice of starters

      Raw vegetables Or Deli  

    Choice of dishes

      Fish steak * Or Breaded chicken breast* (*served with side dish)

    Choice of Dessert

    Ice cup (2 scoops: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate)
    Calvados €5.50
    Baileys €6.00
    Cointreau €6.00
    Get 27, Get 31 €6.50
    VSOP Cognac, Almond Cognac €6.90
    Armagnac €7.50
    Cocktail without alcohol €6.00
    Bue Lagon: Gin, Blue Curaçao, Lemon Juice €7.50
    Planteur Punch: Rum, Syrup, Fruit Juice €7.50
    The Mermaid Cocktail: SPRITZ €9.00
    Plancoet Flat, Plancoet Sparkling €4.50 €3.10
    WINES BY PITCHER 25 cl 50 cl
    White, Red, Rosé €6.40 €12.80
    WINE LIST 75cl 37.5cl
    Loire Rose €20
    Sauvignon Blanc €20
    Bordeaux Superior €20
    Muscadet sur Lie €22 €13.50
    Slopes of Aix en Provence €22 €13.50
    Saumur Champigny €25 €15
    Quincy €26 €15.50
    Ménétou Salon Rouge €31 €18
    Sancerre White €30 €17.50
    Ménétou Living Room White €30 €17.50
    Red Sancerre €33 €19.50
    Glass of wine (White, Red, Rosé) (12cl) €3.20
    Ricard (2 cl) €3
    Kir white wine – Peach, Blackcurrant or Blackberry (12cl) €3.50
    Martini White, Red, Rosé (4 cl) €3.80
    White Port, Red Port (4 cl) €3.80
    Sparkling Kir – Peach, Blackcurrant or Blackberry (12cl) €4.40
    Kir Breton – Peach, Blackcurrant or Blackberry (20cl) €4.70
    Sparkling Rosé Louis Meynard (75cl) €25.00
    Jupiler without alcohol (25cl) €3.90
    Heineken (25cl) €4.90
    Hoagaarden Blanche (25cl) €4.90
    Desperados (25cl) €6.50
    Kriek Mort Sudite (33 cl) €7.50
    WHISKEYS 2cl 4cl
    Jameson €3.60 €7.20
    Four Roses (Bourbon) €3.90 €7.80
    Chivas Regal €6.00 €12.00
    Glenlivet 12 years old €6.00 €12.00
    DRAW BEERS 25cl 50cl
    Variegated €3.10 €6.20
    Monaco €3.30 €6.60
    Pelfort €3.30 €6.60
    Leffe €4.10 €8.20
    Syrup supplement €0.40
    SANDWICH (1/2 Label Rouge flour baguette) €5.00
    Full SANDWICH (1/2 Label Rouge flour baguette) €7.70
    Full wrap €7.70
    6 #2 Gulf oysters €12.00
    Tasting of whelks, homemade mayonnaise €12.60
    Tasting of Bigorneaux, homemade mayonnaise (400gr) €12.60
    Water syrup* (20 cl) €2.50
    Glass of lemonade (20 cl) €3.10
    Glass of diabolo* (20 cl) €3.40
    Glass of DBK (20cl) €3.70
    Ice Tea peach syrup (20 cl) €3.70
    Breizh Cola, zero, without sugar (20 cl) €3.70
    Fruit juice (pineapple, grapefruit, apricot, orange) (20 cl) €3.70
    Tonic, Orangina, Citrus or Lemon Schweppes (20 cl) €3.70
    Perrier (33 cl) €3.80
    Glass of cider (20 cl) €4.20
    Bottle of homemade cider (75 cl) €16.00
    * Lemon, Mint, Grenadine, Strawberry, Citror, ​​Peach (4 cl)
    Coffee €2.00
    Decaf €2.20
    Coffee cream €2.50
    Tea or Infusion €4.00
    Hot Chocolate Milk €3.80
    Double Coffee €4.00
    Viennese Chocolate / Cappuccino €5.00
    Gourmet Coffee €9.90
    Gourmet Tea €10.90
    Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health – Drink in Moderation
  • On the spot or to take away: 5 €

    Green Melon: Green Kiwi, Pineapple, Mango, Yellow Melon, Green Melon

    Spring Fever: Mango, Raspberry

    Sweet Banana: Strawberry Banana

    Bloddy Berry: Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry

    Pina Tropic: Pineapple, Papaya, Mango

    Red Sunset: Strawberry, Mango

  • Lobster, lobster, crabs, oysters, whelks, prawns….. Book a Seafood Platter evening and enjoy the latest arrivals! Book your Seafood Platter evening! From 10 people. Tel: 06 01 27 19 40

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    • July & August exclusively

      The Restaurant is open in the evening in July and August exclusively Orders are taken from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., by reservation


    All of the catering offered is carried out by our kitchen team. Related information is specified on our maps. The rare exceptions are also mentioned.

    We accept meal vouchers. All our prices include VAT, Service Included.